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Engagement in creative media provides the opportunity to come together and share experiences, which can be healing and transformative, and has a knock on effect through family life. Music-making has huge personal impact and benefits.
It makes people feel happier, calmer and more confident. Superbee sessions give people struggling with their mental health a voice, helping them to feel that their opinions matter and their actions make a difference.

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Musical Interaction facilitates an interactive process between Shirley and the participant one to one. Each participant is encouraged to take the lead, whilst Shirley's role is to promote engagement and to extend interaction with the them and facilitate using music to interact promoting emotional well being, interaction and communication. 
As an approach, it is distinct from music therapy although there are certain similarities and works well for anyone struggling with social interaction.

Shirley uses various creative software to make soundtracks and soundscapes encouraging IT skills and developing listening abilities. For instance, we may take a handheld recorder outside and record some everyday sounds. Taking them back to the studio, then input those sounds in to the music software and create music using loops, real time audio and digital instruments. By using film, we can add to the project again by creating a visual representation of music/sound and explore ways in which we use music and audio to change a mood or see sound as well as hear it. email for more information

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