Just Be You is a program for schools highlighting the importance of being uniquely ourselves for good mental health for children and young people living in today’s society.
Through this strong message, we offer schools a different way to talk through issues such as grief, making friends, being patient, accepting others and ourselves, coping with change, addressing body image, emotions, playground bullying, being individual and much more. 
By using the simple message of ‘it’s ok to be ourselves’, we will work with the school to explore emotions through music. Each element of the song will form one session, looking at it in depth by using music, sound and dialogue culminating in a vocal group/choir recording of the song unique to the school. We use music to explore emotions, communication and expression and encouraging participants to embrace and develop their own innate sense of creativity and musicality, enabling them to realise what can be achieved, and what the possibilities are, whatever their ability may be.
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We can work with a family of schools, with  existing choirs and/or support each school to develop a choir who will learn the song, exploring each element as they learn, and then record their performance which could be included in a community choir recording.
Each school will receive their own version of the song, which can be used on their school websites to raise funds (for instance) for the school. The collated version could be made available to everyone and shared with your local community through school performances and events. Listen to some versions of the song here: