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Teaming up with Caroline Bonnett, Shirley brings her skills to SCNmedia through writing, arranging, producing and programming (using Logic Pro X and Pro Tools), project coordination, facilitating workshops and voice-overs.


In the mid 80's to mid 90's Shirley was a professional singer songwriter touring nationally and throughout Europe. She wrote and recorded four albums of original material in her own brand of acoustic based music. Shirley then spent many years sharing her passion for learning to communicate through music, working with music technology delivering music/media centred workshops providing opportunities to enable anyone with an interest, or a range of skills to access music/media at all levels, on all scales and in a variety of roles.


For many years Shirley has worked with people with disabilities, children on the autistic spectrum, people in rehabilitation through injury, disadvantaged groups people struggling with their mental health, and children with SEN to create music and communicate in an accessible way.

Over the years her work has included arranging and producing for other artists. Her production technique is to 'listen', centred around a philosophy that 'music is what feelings sound like' and so would not produce for production's sake. The creativity evolves and develops around what she hears and feels from the original idea.


Contact Shirley directly HERE

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